5 Steps to Buying Your Dream First Home

By: American Heritage
To make your dreams a reality and bring your vision to life, it’s important to plan ahead. That’s why we’ve compiled the list of our top five steps for first-time home buyers, to help as you look to purchase a new home.

Home Improvements: DIY or Pay a Pro?

By: American Heritage
Most people know, or can learn, how to do some basic home improvements and repairs. But unless you work as a contractor AND have tons of spare time, you probably will not be able to tackle every project yourself. The line between which renovations you can do and which you should pay a professional to do is different for different people, but here are some general guidelines – along with information about the best way to finance your next major home improvements.

How Much Will It Cost to Own Your New Pet?

By: American Heritage
We’re in the height of "kitten season," when rescue shelters fill up with furry faces. It’s a popular time to adopt a cat, dog, or another kind of pet. While the benefits of pets are many, the expenses may be something to growl about. The more you know about the cost of pet ownership, the better prepared you’ll be for everything from initial costs through emergencies.

What to Look For in a Real Estate Agent

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Buying a home is a journey – and your real estate agent is your guide. Your agent’s knowledge, skills, and level of support will have a big impact on your homebuying experience, so it is important to have the right person by your side. So who is the best real estate agent for you?

How to Raise a Money-Wise Child

By: American Heritage
If you want to prepare your child to live a happy and independent life as an adult, teaching them personal finance is a must. It’s never too early – or late – to help your child learn about financial literacy.