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Couple talking with financial advisor

Questions To Ask Your Financial Advisor

By: Investment and Retirement Center01.02.19 Investing & Retirement
Between paying off student loans to thinking about buying a home, your 20s is a time filled with change, excitement, and yes, lots of financial decisions. As you deliberate on these various decisions, securing a financial advisor may be a good strategy, one that can help you navigate these big life changes. The first step to getting a financial advisor? Do your homework and ask the right questions.

How Much House Can You Afford? 8 Tips to Avoid Becoming House Poor

By: American Heritage12.10.18 Home & Mortgage
Purchasing a home is a big and often stressful decision – especially with housing prices rising almost twice as fast as wages, and a shortage of affordable housing in many areas. And while owning a home may be one of your goals, the last thing you want is purchase your dream home only to discover in a few months or a few years that you can’t afford it, a situation commonly referred to as being “house poor.”

4 Strategies to Keep Your Information Safe and Organized in the Digital Age

By: American Heritage12.10.18 Security
At the core of American Heritage’s mission is the commitment to enhance the lives of our members by building trusted relationships. One of the ways we do this is by educating our members on financial news and other potential factors that may impact their financial health. That’s why, we’ve focused the following blog on the very timely news regarding the state of financial security in today’s digital age, along with a few recommended strategies on how our members can keep their information safe.

Debit Cards vs. Cash

By: American Heritage12.09.18 Credit
When you check out at the store, there are usually lots of ways to pay: debit, credit, cash, or even check. For most people, paying by check is too much hassle, and paying by credit card will add to your monthly bill. That leaves cash and your debit card. So, which is right for you?



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