Additional Services

Extra conveniences to help you manage your dollars.

When life gets busy, know you can turn to us and use our additional services to simplify a variety of tasks.

PAT (Personal Automated Teller) Machines

PAT machines combine the features of a standard teller and an ATM into one convenient stop for your financial needs. Skip the teller line and try PAT today! Learn more here.

ScoreCard® Rewards

Get the most out of every dollar they spend. With ScoreCard® Rewards, you earn points that can be redeemed for merchandise and travel when you use your American Heritage Independence Debit Card or American Heritage Platinum Mastercard®.

Additional Details

  • American Heritage Independence Debit Card: Earn one ScoreCard® Reward point for every $2 you spend
  • American Heritage Platinum Mastercard: Earn one ScoreCard® Reward point for every $1 you spend
  • You can combine points from your Independence Debit Card and Platinum MasterCard
  • You can combine points from cards from other members of your family
  • ScoreCard® Reward points never expire
  • Points are noted on your monthly American Heritage statement

Visit Visit ScoreCard® Reward Points website to view your total points and redeem points.

ScoreCard® Reward Customer Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, excluding major holidays: 800.854.0790.

Direct Deposit

Have funds deposited directly into your account by your employer, the government, a pension fund or other third party. You won’t have to wait for the check to clear: the funds will be available to you on the day of posting.

Check with your employer’s payroll department or the appropriate government agency to see if they offer direct deposit. If they do, just provide your account number and the American Heritage routing number: 236082944.

Cashier’s Checks

Some purchases require a check that guarantees you have sufficient funds in your account. That’s when you can use an American Heritage cashier’s check.

To get a cashier’s check, simply visit your local branch or call us and we will prepare the check. You can have a cashier’s check up to the amount you have in your account.

Money Orders

An American Heritage money order is a safe and secure method to transfer funds with the payee being guaranteed of payment. The recipient you are paying will then be able to cash the money order as they would a check.

To get a money order, simply visit your local branch. American Heritage money orders are available for only $2.00 and can be requested for amounts up to $1,000.

Wire Transfers

When you need to transfer funds to another financial organization, we are ready to help with a safe and secure wire transfer. You can wire transfer funds up to the amount you have available in your account.

Incoming wire transfers are free of charge. Outgoing wire transfers in the U.S. are $20.00. International outgoing wire transfers are $35.00.

Information Needed to Make a Wire Transfer

  • Proof of identification: examples include a valid U.S. driver’s license, U.S. passport, U.S. Military ID, State ID, or Permanent Resident Card
  • The financial institution’s full name, address, city, state, phone number and their 9-digit ABA routing or transfer number. If the wire transfer is international, include their Swift Code
  • Your full name, address, city, state, zip code and account number, as it appears on your account. If the wire transfer is international, some countries require an IBAN number – contact the individual receiving the funds for this information

Safe Deposit Boxes

Do you may have documents or personal items that are valuable and are difficult - or impossible - to replace? If so, an American Heritage safe deposit box is a safe and secure answer. You can rent a safe deposit box at either the East Norriton, Lansdale or Feasterville office.

American Heritage Safe Deposit Box Annual Rental Fees

2" x 5" box - $20.00 per year*

3" x 5" box - $25.00 per year

4" x 5" box - $30.00 per year

5" x 5" box - $35.00 per year

2" x 10" box - $35.00 per year

3" x 10" box - $40.00 per year

4" x 10" box - $50.00 per year

5" x 10" box - $60.00 per year

6" x 10" box - $80.00 per year

10" x 10" box - $120.00 per year

NOTE: Sizes available may vary by location

*American Heritage members with Protection Checking and Direct Deposit get a free 2" x 5" safe deposit box

No insurance coverage is provided on safe deposit box contents by NCUA or this financial institution.

Gift & Travel Cards

American Heritage has teamed up with Visa to provide members with two valuable services: gift cards and gift cards for travel. You can purchase these cards at any American Heritage branch.

American Heritage Visa Gift Card

Sometimes the perfect gift is money – and the easiest, most secure way to give money is with an American Heritage Visa Gift Card. An American Heritage Visa Gift Card is a prepaid debit card that is welcomed at millions of retail and online locations, and can be used for phone and mail order purchases as well. Cards are available in denominations from $10 to $1,000. The fee for an American Heritage Visa Gift Card is $2.50 for members and $4.00 for non members.

American Heritage Visa Travel Card

Need money when you travel? An American Heritage Visa Travel Card is a great alternative to traveler’s checks or carrying cash.

An American Heritage Visa Travel Card is a prepaid debit card that is welcomed at 25 million stores, restaurants, hotels and other businesses worldwide. Use your card to purchase local currency as well, at any of the million ATMs around the globe. The fee for an American Heritage Visa Gift Card is $2.50 and $4.00 for non members, and is available at any American Heritage branch.

Your American Heritage Visa Travel Card provides special benefits as well:

  • Purchase security
  • Lost luggage insurance
  • Free travel and emergency assistance services

To add funds, check your balance or transaction history, or to report lost or stolen card:

Phone: 877.850.9650

Online: CUmoney

“Lucy Change" - Free Coin Counting Service

Sometimes we all need assistance with the little things — like counting spare change and piggy bank contents! Visit select American Heritage branches and use Lucy Change, our coin counting machine. Lucy Change coin counting service is absolutely free for all our members. See our Locations page to see which branches offer a Lucy Change machine.

Notary service

American Heritage offers free Notary services and Medallion STAMP to its members, and it’s available at every branch.

A Notary is an impartial, state-licensed legal witness to the signing of a document. The Notary will acknowledge the signing with his or her own signature and with a notary seal on the document.

The Medallion STAMP is a signature guarantee program for the safe transfer of securities. By endorsing the securities transfer document with the Medallion STAMP, the transferring financial institution (American Heritage Credit Union) is guaranteeing that your signature is genuine.

To have a document notarized or Medallion STAMP guaranteed:

  • The signer must present a valid photo ID and sign a log book
  • Must sign the document in the presence of the Notary or authorized Medallion STAMP endorser

Please contact your local branch before you visit to ensure that a notary or Medallion STAMP endorser will be available.