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Young woman using a credit card to make a mobile purchase

How Young Adults Can Build Credit

By: American Heritage10.03.19 Credit
Becoming an adult opens up a world of new opportunities, as well as new financial responsibilities. Fortunately, there are a few straightforward ways to start building credit when you’re young, solutions that can work even if you have little or no credit history.

9 Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

By: American Heritage06.18.19 Credit
You’ve seen the commercials explaining how important it is to check your ever-fluctuating credit score. You’ve investigated, learned your score, but now what? Knowing your score is the first step to having good credit, but having a good score takes further steps.

Debit Cards vs. Cash

By: American Heritage12.09.18 Credit
When you check out at the store, there are usually lots of ways to pay: debit, credit, cash, or even check. For most people, paying by check is too much hassle, and paying by credit card will add to your monthly bill. That leaves cash and your debit card. So, which is right for you?



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