American Heritage Credit Union Members Win $23,000 in Cash and Vacation Prizes at Grand Vacation Sweepstakes

The five finalist of the Grand Vacation Sweepstakes stand together displaying their amount won.
By: American Heritage
American Heritage Credit Union awarded a $15,000 Grand Vacation grand prize and eight $1,000 cash prizes to members during their 2022 Grand Vacation Sweepstakes totaling $23,000 in prizes. American Heritage created the sweepstakes as a way of encouraging non-cash usage and promoting member engagement. American Heritage members earned entries into the sweepstakes when they used their debit or credit card between July and October of 2021. 
The Grand Prize Drawing for the $15,000 travel gift card winner took place at American Heritage’s Grand Illumination event in November. Five potential winners were invited to the stage for the grand prize drawing, and the four runners-up received a second place, $1,000 prize. Additional $1,000 prizes were awarded each month leading up to the event, with one winner selected each month.
$15,000 Grand Vacation Winner: Timothy Weney


$1,000 Sweepstakes Finalists: 

  • Bryan Miraballes
  • Kathleen Sloan
  • Marc Grove
  • Valerie Aviles

$1,000 Monthly Winners

  • July Winner: Bernadette Nolen
  • August Winner: Brittany Welsh
  • September Winner: Demetrise Williams
  • October Winner: Irene Haber
“We were excited to offer the sweepstakes as a way to encourage members to use their debit and credit cards as a safer and more secure way of making payments,” stated Bruce K. Foulke, President & CEO of American Heritage. “On top of the great products and services we offer our members to help navigate their financial journey, we are thrilled to have been able to give away a free vacation and additional cash prizes to our membership to help those members make their goals and family vacations possible!”

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