Financial Wellness

Programs designed to encourage long-term financial well-being.

American Heritage supports community financial wellness through in-person and online programs for all learning styles. Seminars, webinars, blogs and more, covering a wide variety of topics, are available for free to our local communities. We encourage financial education for all ages and believe that a strong foundation combined with continued learning leads to informed, successful decision-making. 

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American Heritage is proud to provide scholarships to graduating high school seniors enrolling in an accredited undergraduate program or trade school.

Seminars and Webinars


Budgeting Tips for Giving Gifts

Spending money on loved ones for birthdays and holidays can quickly and easily get out of hand. This workshop will teach participants how to plan ahead and build an appropriate budget in order to avoid unnecessary stress and more fully enjoy the festivities.

First-Time Home Buyers 101

Buying a home often represents the single biggest investment you will make. If you are a first-time home buyer or haven’t bought in a while, the experience can be overwhelming. This webinar will cover homebuying from all angles, from creating a housing budget to financing your dream.

Getting the Most Mileage from Credit

Building a positive credit history takes time, patience, and fiscal know-how. Participants will learn how to build a healthy credit history, while confidently identifying and correcting potential reporting errors.